I am an avid gamer living in Northern Ireland, UK with 26+ years of gaming experience. I’ve played over 1200 games in this time and played over 1000 to completion.  I have owned dozens of systems ranging from early TV games like Pong to current gen systems like Wii U.  I am an avid believer in platform independence preferring not to limit myself to one or two specific platforms and trying to own them as to not exclude myself from any game libraries.  Despite this, I do prefer the PC as a platform purely for functional reasons such as ease of configuration, streaming etc.

I live and breathe gaming, keeping up to date with all current news and events in the world of gaming in order to stay well connected to it.  I regularly record, stream and review games so I can spread the word to other gamers on what they should play and what they should avoid.  Some of my favourite genres include Strategy RPGs, MetroidVania, 3rd person action and racing.

I am available to do reviews and am PR friendly. Contact me through any of the social media icons on the home page or by email at hello@lifeonthegrid.net

Significant gaming milestones

  • Finishing my enormous gaming backlog in 2014 which was close to 500 titles in 2011 when I made the concentrated effort to do so .
  • Epic 1 day burns through games such as Just Cause 2, Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare, Dead Rising 2, Peace Walker, Dawn of War II
  • Achievement hunting days: Mirror’s Edge all achievements, Gears of War 2 – Seriously 2.0, Devil May Cry 4 all difficulties, Project Gotham Racing 3 all platinum medals, Grand Theft Auto IV all multi-player wins and records, Hexic HD all achievements
  • 3 day Halo Marathon through all Halo games
  • Shotgunning the Metal Gears over a couple of weeks
  • Shotgunning all Prince of Persias in a week
  • Shotgunning all Assassin’s Creeds over a couple of weeks
  • Catching all Pokemon in generations 1-3
  • Getting full sets of Final Fantasy VII Master Materia
  • Maxing out Final Fantasy VIII stats
  • Maxing out Final Fantasy X character stats to beat optional super bosses
  • 100% completion in Gran Turismo 1-4
  • Becoming heavily addicted to Phantasy Star Online
  • Beating Devil May Cry games on all difficulties and SS ranking every mission in DMC4 as well as optional super difficulties
  • Winning a “Key to Liberty City” for 100% completion in GTA IV immediately after release date